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The US Patent Office has Granted Nebraska ARMES Aviation a Patent for a Removable Aircraft Fuselage Expansion Window

Nebraska ARMES Aviation, a leading aerospace technology company, proudly announces the recent approval of their patent, Patent No. US 11,731,752, for a groundbreaking Removable Aircraft Fuselage Expansion Window. This innovative solution promises to revolutionize aircraft safety by providing an emergency egress window that can be easily installed when needed.

The patent, which highlights the invention's key features, describes a removable fuselage expansion window assembly designed to add an emergency exit option to aircraft. The assembly includes a window panel, outer and inner window frames, a window bracket, and a latch assembly. The outer window frame features a set of retainers to secure the assembly within the aircraft's rectangular frame, while the latch assembly, located beneath the inner window frame, enables quick release of the window for emergency exits.

The design of the removable window assembly allows for easy installation and removal, making it ideal for retrofitting existing aircraft or incorporating into new designs. In emergency scenarios such as cabin depressurization or evacuation, the window can be swiftly released, providing passengers and crew with a vital means of escape.

"We believe that this technology has the potential to make a profound impact on aviation safety worldwide," says Tracy Ogle, Founder and President of Nebraska ARMES Aviation "By equipping aircraft with our Removable Aircraft Fuselage Expansion Windows, we can mitigate risks and improve overall emergency preparedness in the aviation industry."

Nebraska ARMES Aviation plans to collaborate with aircraft manufacturers, airlines, and regulatory agencies to integrate their patented technology into existing fleets and future aircraft designs. With safety as their top priority, the company aims to set a new standard for emergency egress systems in the aviation industry.

For more information on this patent and to read it directly, please click on this link: REMOVABLE AIRCRAFT FUSELAGE EXPANSION WINDOW PATENT 

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