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The US Patent Office Granted Nebraska ARMES Aviation a Patent for an Externally Accessible Auxiliary Power Unit Pump Assembly

In a significant stride towards revolutionizing aircraft maintenance, Nebraska ARMES Aviation has secured yet another patent, this time for their groundbreaking externally accessible auxiliary power unit (APU) pump assembly. This patent underscores the company's unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of aviation technology.


The newly patented APU pump assembly boasts the pioneering feature aimed at enhancing efficiency and accessibility in aircraft maintenance operations. At its core lies a meticulously designed pump responsible for pressurizing an accumulator crucial for starting the APU of an aircraft. Accompanying this is an integrated pressure gauge, offering real-time monitoring capabilities for the accumulator's pressure levels.


Central to the innovation is the ingenious support frame, strategically crafted to be mounted within the outer wall of the aircraft. This support frame not only provides structural stability but also defines an externally accessible compartment, housing both the pump and the pressure gauge. Additionally, this compartment accommodates a removable pump handle, facilitating easy actuation of the pump.


The significance of this invention lies in the practical advantages it offers to aircraft maintenance personnel. By situating the support frame at a rear portion behind the main cabin, access to the APU pump becomes remarkably streamlined. Unlike conventional methods that often necessitate the removal of ceiling structures within the main cabin, this innovation eliminates such cumbersome procedures. This translates to significant time savings and minimizes the risk of damage to interior furnishings or structural components.


Commenting on the patent, Nebraska ARMES Aviation's Director of Engineering and Design, Randy Barton, expressed enthusiasm about the potential impact of this innovation on the aviation industry. "Our externally accessible APU pump assembly represents a paradigm shift in aircraft maintenance. By prioritizing accessibility and efficiency, we aim to empower maintenance personnel and enhance overall operational efficiency for our customers," remarked Dr. Richards.

This latest patent reaffirms Nebraska Armes Aviation's commitment to innovation and excellence in aviation technology. As the company continues to push the boundaries of what's possible, industry experts anticipate further groundbreaking advancements that will shape the future of aviation.


For more information on this patent and to read it directly, please click on this link: EXTERNALLY ACCESSIBLE AUXILIARY POWER UNIT PUMP ASSEMBLY PATENT 

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