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The US Patent Office has Granted Nebraska ARMES Aviation a Patent for a Custom Aircraft Door Mounting System

The US Patent Office (USPTO) has granted Nebraska ARMES Aviation (NAA) patent number US 11535357 that specifically allows for custom aircraft doors to be installed as an aftermarket modification. The earlier door systems inhibited range of motion as well as suffered distortion during use, due to aircraft motions and vibrations. This invention comprises of a vertical rolling motion enabled assembly that utilizes cam followers (to allow for the vertical motion) and elastomeric bearings (to reduce vibrations by transference). Therefore, this invention allows for these customizations to be incorporated without sacrificing the integrity of the existing airframe, effectiveness, or safety.

“We are extremely grateful the US Patent Office has recognized the uniqueness and necessity for this amazing new technology and has granted our company this patent,” says Tracy Ogle, President and Co-Owner of NAA “The Patent is so exciting because it allows for aircraft to be converted into VIP, CSAR, as well as Medivac conversions without having any impact on structural loads to the aircraft. In other words, the technology of the aircraft wouldn’t recognize that a cargo door has been removed and replaced with a plug structure. Not only does this patent give our company a sustainable and competitive advantage in the aviation market, but it also opens up a realm of new possibilities for our clients.”

NAA has a growing portfolio of projects, innovating designs, patent pendings, and the newest addition, their granted patent. They have and will continue to provide the Blackhawk community and the entire Aircraft Industry, with state-of-the-art technology and services. The future looks bright for this ripening company.

For more information on this patent and to read it directly, please click on this link: CUSTOM AIRCRAFT DOOR MOUNTING SYSTEM

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