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Engineering Plans

Patents & Trademarks

Nebraska ARMES Aviation LLC works very hard and diligently to provide the Aviation community with innovative and efficient technologies for various aircraft. We have several inventions that are patent pending, and one that has been approved and awarded to our company, in which we are able to provide to our customers. Our Engineering Department consistently seeks ways to improve preexisting operating parts, and their ability to do so, is simply unparalleled.


Providing a new door system perfect for VVIP aircraft. Gives an innovative and highly sophisticated alternative to the usual sliding door, utilizing a vertical motion. 

Revolutionizing  aircraft safety by providing an emergency egress window that can be easily installed when needed.

apu fig 5_edited_edited.jpg

Providing a new way to access the APU pump without dismantling any piece to the internal part of the aircraft. Innovative way to streamline the process. 

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